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So what is Licensing?

Licensing is the use of a trademarked or copyrighted name, likeness, logo, trademark, character, brand, design or other image in conjunction with a product or service in order to maximise sales of that product or service.

Licensing covers a multitude of categories - from film characters and images to art and design graphics, corporate trademarks and images and more.

One of the earliest examples was Beatrix Potter who licensed Peter Rabbit to be used on plush toys back in 1903. In the 1920s and 1930s the Walt Disney Company licensed Mickey Mouse onto a plethora of products ranging from T-shirts to watches.

Today, corporate brands such as Ford or Coca-Cola have significant numbers of licensees (the manufacturers of the licensed products) around the world and the industry has broadened beyond well-known television or movie characters to include sports (events and sporting individuals), fashion (designers and fashion brands), collegiate (university and colleges), heritage, non-profit (charities) as well as many other categories.

Licensing provides a way for manufacturers to not only increase sales by using a well-known character or brand on their products but also to develop new product lines without the investment into new machinery and tooling. The licensor (owner or creator of the brand) or the licensing agent appointed by the licensor retains control over the brand image and usage and the licensee will pay the licensor a percentage royalty based on sales as well as an advance on royalties.