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A variety of options are available for companies wishing to maximise their presence in Total Licensing World.

Gateway Skyscrapers

Two Gateway Skyscraper ads will be available on the site. These appear on every page prior to login and will be limited to two companies only. Advertisers can opt for animated ads or static ads.

The cost of each Gateway Skyscraper for 52 weeks is $3350 / £2500 / €3000.

Country Sponsors

Each territory will have a single Country Sponsor for 52 weeks. Each time a territory is searched, regardless of type of business, the Country Sponsor’s advertisement will appear.

The size is the same as the Gateway Skyscrapers

The cost of each Country Sponsorship is:

USA, UK, France, Germany, Japan, China
$2100 / £1500 / €1800 Euro
All other countries $1250 / £950.00 / €1000

Company Logo

Company Logo above your listing in the directory.

The cost for 52 weeks is $125/ £100 / €115

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