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The Business of Licensing

"The book is an indispensable resource for anyone who wants to successfully navigate through the licensing industry.”

Charles M. Riotto, President Emeritus, Licensing International

The Business of Licensing provides everyone with the information and licensing tools they need to create the right licensing programme and best deals. The book is co-authored by industry experts Greg Battersby and Danny Simon who, between them, have over 70 years of licensing experience.

Aimed at both the novice and seasoned veterans, The 592-page Business of Licensing explores every aspect of licensing. The book covers key topics such as how to secure intellectual property rights, how to negotiate contracts, product development and marketing strategies.

The book includes real-world advice on how to capitalise on the endless opportunities offered in licensing and readers will come to understand how to price and value deals and maximise their revenues and profits.

In addition, and importantly, the book includes a comprehensive Appendix with twenty tried and tested documents and forms. Examples include an agent agreement, manufacturer agreement, deal memos and IP forms, all of which have electronic copies available via Dropbox to help readers.

Chapters include:

  1. Defining the World of Licensing
  2. History of Licensing
  3. The Licensing Industry Today
  4. The Licensing Agreement
  5. Compensation and Royalty Rates
  6. Identifying and clearing Licensing Properties
  7. Selecting the Right License for Your Products
  8. The Licensor-Licensee Relationship
  9. Licensing Agents and Consultants
  10. The Retailer’s Role in Licensing
  11. Best Practices for Licensors
  12. Best Practices for Licensees
  13. Marketing and Promoting Licensing Properties and Products
  14. Protecting Licensing Properties
  15. International Licensing by Territory
  16. International Intellectual Property Protection
  17. Ethics and Social Compliance
  18. Most Common Mistakes in Licensing
  19. Special Considerations for Different Types of Properties/Products
  20. Accounting, Auditing and Tax Considerations
  21. Dealing with Infringers and Counterfeiters
  22. Appendices

The appendices include Licensee Proposal, Deal Memo, License Agreement, Product Categories, Style Guide, Approval Form Guide and Form, Marketing Plan Outline, Channels of Distribution Checklist, Sample Royalty Report, Licensing Agent Agreement, Sub-Agent Agreement, Consulting Agreement, Non-Disclosure Agreement, Manufacturer’s Representative Agreement, Trademark Classes and more.

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